Words and Meaning Part 3

 Fields of lavender used to grow here
 When the green country was near
 Times were so much simpler then
 No buses, trucks and meter men
 On those fields houses grew
 The railway thundered through
 Bringing in a different age
 Writing history’s newest page
 This was the world I first saw
 And my Dad the same before
 We saw changes come so fast
 Than in that foggy past
 This is where I come from
 And I always will
 Been away a long long time
 But something calls me still
 To the road I can never forget
 Where the memories fill
 Oh-oh Lavender Hill
 On the Common I would play
 Sweet memories of another day 
 The sun would always shine
 Childhood always seemed so fine
 As our city grew and grew
 Those who came were all so new
 But time and moments changed us all
 And barriers they always fall
 On a sun-splashed window pane
 Pavements gleaming from last night’s rain
 Our road waking to a dream
 Of something we all believe
 This city got no time for fools
 Spits out losers, gotta be cool
 Moves so fast, speed of night
 Keep on running, out of sight
 Never be wrong, always right
 Bigger prize than a case of jewels
 Yours if you only have the tools
 Win it big if you keep it tight
 All there if you’re set to fight
 Piece of heaven bathed in light
 Give up what you need to
 Do what you must do                            
 Go where you have to
 Say anything you got to
 This town runs on heavy fuel
 Getting there can be real cruel
 Keep on climbing to the height
 Take it all with all your might
 Fly on upward like a kite
 These streets can be so hard
 They’ll become your graveyard
 Dyin from a monster’s bite
 ‘stead of a pool of total delight
 Then you know you lost the fight
 One thing to live by
 If you gonna get by
 Written up there in the Piccadilly sky
 Second is nowhere
 You gotta get there
 See it flashin’ from City to Mayfair
 Always keep to the unwritten law
 Stick to it if you want some more
 Learn them all right from the start
 Know them all by a beatin heart
 London Rules
 Yeah, London Rules


This turned out to be one of the more musically demanding of the songs on the album. There are three time changes, a rap and a very long note to hold. I started writing the lyrics after reading about ‘ghosting’. Surprisingly no episode in my past life contributed to it, just an article in the newspaper. The rap was as much a shock to me as anyone else. I’d probably been listening to The Red Hot Chilli Peppers! I was trying to make the bridge work to no avail, tried a kind of spoken word/rap thing and it stuck.

 Thought we’d last for ever
 Joined at the heart for life
 A perfect golden couple 
 A gorgeous daydream wife
 But nothing lasts for ever 
 Our bond cut by a knife
 You left without a letter
 You left me half alive
 I stopped believin’ 
 And I stopped grievin’
 And started life again
 I found a new place
 With a new face
 And broke my old chains
 I put you from my mind
 Once and for all time
 I heard the phone ringing
 I saw the e-mail name
 I recognised the writing
 When the letter came
 I binned every message
 With no single regret
 I never even bothered
 Like we’d never met
 That’s right, baby, you’re a ghost
 Far away on a different coast
 In another time and space
 Banished to another place
 Don’t want to see you now or then
 Don’t care a damn if it gives you pain
 Ended for me on the day you left
 Now you’re a ghost
 Just a ghost
 Just a ghost
 Your voice is just an echo
 A whisper in the air
 Your face a distant memory
 An image no longer there
 The time moves forward
 And worlds turn outward
 And I found new reasons
 To start living again 


Who remembers Brigitte Bardot? My memories of her are vague to say the least. I sort of recall her in a Western movie called Shalako with Sean Connery but I saw it on TV in the 1980s. It made an impression. Spending my childhood summer holidays in France she was there on magazine covers but I discovered she also sang these bubbly French pop songs and in that way your memory blasts something into your mind when you’re thinking you should be writing lyrics I got this jangly sort of rhythm and the words “Bardot Lips”. I did a bit of reading around her life and times and the lyrics sort of wrote themselves.

 French films and magazines
 Black and white photos in my teens
 Of a lady in bikinis and crazy hair
 On a beach in Tropez and everywhere
 French guys paid her court
 She said and did what she thought
 Always thought she was so free
 And that seemed to be her history
 She had eyes that could hypnotise
 Green as the sea and worldly wise
 Always laughing at the world
 Always seemed the effortless girl
 But one thing got me and always will
 A part of her like those killer hips 
 A smile that could launch a thousand ships
 Bardot Lips
 Nothin ever lasts for long
 Some memories aren’t so strong
 We move on to someone new
 To find someone new to fixate on 
 Brigitte faded in the past
 My fantasies would never last
 But when I see an old photo
 Back to Tropez my thoughts would go

Author: Adventures in Music

Silver is the singer and guitarist of Lavender Hill, a British rock band formed in 2016. He started playing guitar from the age of 9. His first band was formed when he was 11, playing Beatles covers on acoustic guitar. Since then he has been making music in the UK (Buster), France, Africa (Tempting Fate) where he also collaborated with the Cameroonian artist Tom Yom's, and the United States (Mid-Life Crisis - the American version). He writes songs on his own and with Lavender Hill's drummer Razz B and has also published a novel under his real name, Graham Knight. And his name is more to do with the colour of his hair rather than his bank balance!

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