Words and Meaning Part 2

Brother, I’m sorry that it hurt you
Sister I know it made you cry
I know you deserved better
And no-one knows the reason why
But when he made his choice
Our father could never lie
Like it or not he picked me up
From the place I had fallen by
And told me, with a hard stare
I was the chosen one
I am the favourite son

Rock and sand all around
Sun burning up the sky
No shade to cool down
Vultures circle high
Thirst tears at my soul
Skin on fire in this hell

Adrift in a raging sea
Waves break all around
Angry waters close on me
Far from a rocky shore
Crying out for help
No-one to hear my call

Close to death but I don’t care
I done wrong that I can swear
Broke the rules and smashed some hearts
But that’s all over now
I have been forgiven
By those I have done wrong
More important, most of all
I know you’re watching proud
Unclimbed rock around me
Fingers numb from cold
Cliff rises high above me
There is no way out
No way down this mountain
No-one to hear my prayer

Found a road to take me home
To those I love the most
Put aside a wild life
With a reason to survive
On the side of angels
The greatest prize there is
Feeling like I’ve won
Knowing I’m your favourite son
Knowing I’m your favourite son
Tricked up with your dragon tattoo
I’ll take a bet trouble never had trouble findin’ you
Violet eyes and red lips did it for me
Helped on by a tequila slammer or three
Woke up to sunlight through the blinds
Thought you soft beside me was a good find

Slow smile and a lazy drawl
Never thought falling would feel like that at all
Long kiss and I was hypnotised
Didn’t take long till I realised
Beauty is sometimes just skin deep
And sometimes the price is steep

You took a chainsaw to my heart
You ripped my soul apart
You left my life bleeding
When you practiced your black art
By the time I looked around
At the pieces on the ground
You left me there to die
No tears left to cry

Don’t need to know voodoo
The devil don’t look far to find the devil in you
Started out thinking you were pure
But you turned out to be a witch for sure
Sure thing you’re good at what you do
I’d still take the same ride even if I knew

When I woke up in an empty bed
Found out just where finding you led
Broke and broken shattered dreams
Reality this time is what it seems
Nothing except a deep well of pain
Must be crazy but I’d do it again

ext trackHere we are back with the written word. Videos take a lot of time to make – if you’re me they do, at least. And it’s good to mix it all up. You never know what’s going to happen next. I never know what’s going to happen next. So let’s move on to the next track.


‘Picture’ was written in early 2018 and we’ve been playing it in our gigs for the past few years. It didn’t have the easiest of development paths if I’m honest. It is actually very simple to play, but we couldn’t seem to get our usual energy into the song. It took ages to get the tempo right, then Razz was unhappy with the way I sang it. As usual, he was right. He wanted more edge. It comes across as a sunny, happy song but I need to explain the context.

I went back to the early 19th century for inspiration with ‘Picture’. It’s about “History’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” and her insanity came a distant second compared to her lover, Lord Byron. She called him ‘mad, bad and dangerous to know’ which is the starting point for the lyrics. The opening lines are “We knew each other a long time ago; When I was crazy and dangerous to know.” I can’t find the picture of her beside a shining sea as per the lyrics but as I’m writing about a poet, allow me some licence.

 We knew each other 
 A long time ago 
 When I was crazy 
 And dangerous to know 
 You were so fresh 
 Just out of school 
 With ruby lips 
 You shone like a jewel 
 Then you went east 
 And I went north 
 I was still crazy 
 And the world was too slow 
 You flew back home 
 To a crescent beach 
 A world away 
 And out of reach 
 And then I saw a picture 
 Of you beside a silver sea 
 And a tide of memory 
 Came flooding back to me 
 Nights that never ended 
 Days of magic light 
 Made me long for a tomorrow 
 Where things could turn out right 
 Those years between us 
 Seems an hour ago 
 Now I have that picture 
 And somehow I just know 
 There’s a way back somehow 
 For me to come to you 
 Till then I have a dream 
 And this is what I’ll do 
Seems an hour ago 
Now I have that pictur
And somehow I just know 
There’s a way back somehow 
For me to come to you 
Till then I have a dream 
And this is what I’ll 


Author: Adventures in Music

Silver is the singer and guitarist of Lavender Hill, a British rock band formed in 2016. He started playing guitar from the age of 9. His first band was formed when he was 11, playing Beatles covers on acoustic guitar. Since then he has been making music in the UK (Buster), France, Africa (Tempting Fate) where he also collaborated with the Cameroonian artist Tom Yom's, and the United States (Mid-Life Crisis - the American version). He writes songs on his own and with Lavender Hill's drummer Razz B and has also published a novel under his real name, Graham Knight. And his name is more to do with the colour of his hair rather than his bank balance!

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